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GlutenFreeSingles: Connecting GF Daters, Increase the Community & Growing Awareness

GlutenFreeSingles: Connecting GF Daters, Increase the Community & Growing Awareness

The small type: created by gluten-free best friends Sheri Grande and Marcella Romaya, GlutenFreeSingles.com may be the basic and biggest dating site specifically for singles who have Celiac disease, gluten allergies, or gluten-free choices. Not just does GlutenFreeSingles provide a welcoming place for these daters, although site additionally spreads consciousness and educates people within and not in the gluten-free neighborhood through their fresh blog, energetic discussion board, and substantial methods page.


Based on BeyondCeliac.org, 1percent of People in america have actually Celiac condition and 18 million have some non-celiac associated susceptibility to gluten. These people understand better than many the problems of grocery shopping, cooking, and ingesting with someone that does not have the same diet needs.

Right here to help make existence — and matchmaking — simpler is GlutenFreeSingles.com.

Established in 2013, GlutenFreeSingles is the very first and the majority of popular on the web system for daters with Celiac infection or a gluten susceptibility — whether they’re looking for partners that gluten no-cost (GF) or have similar dietary allergies, wish to improve their diet plan by eliminating gluten, or are searhing for guidance and details.

“We noticed there was clearly a necessity for a gluten-free dating site since when considering dating, meals is a big part of it,” stated Sheri Grande, Co-Founder of GlutenFreeSingles. “eating out and cooking together when you have alike nutritional requirements is actually less complicated.”

Recently we sat all the way down with Sheri to talk about the concept and unique attributes behind GlutenFreeSingles, in addition to the need for having an appealing space of these men and women to share their own experiences with residing a GF way of living.

Sheri & Marcella’s Personal problems motivated GlutenFreeSingles

Sheri Grande and Co-Founder Marcella Romaya have-been best friends for decades. With Sheri having a gluten attitude and Marcella having Celiac illness, they will have usually provided a passion for eating well, exercising, and top a healthy life overall. However in investing really time with each other, they started initially to notice how consuming equivalent situations made preparing and eating out together so much easier.

The light-bulb second originated Marcella’s very own struggles with matchmaking. Not too long ago single, she ended up being attempting her luck on conventional adult dating sites dating sites, merely to maybe not find a match just who could relate to her when it comes to food and the GF lifesyle. After mastering from those battles, Sheri and Marcella founded HealthDate.com, a website for healthy people in common, and had gotten much more specific with GlutenFreeSingles immediately after.

Sheri mentioned these personal experiences among others like them confirm that there is real worth in online dating and beginning a commitment with somebody who has alike wellness demands and knows that that way of eating isn’t really a selection — its essential.

“we’ve unearthed that connections can last longer whenever lovers have actually similar way of living requirements and usual interests,” she stated. “There’s a lot of determining factors in any type of relationship, but finding someone who’s in addition gluten-free is amongst the items of that puzzle. Those people that experience Celiac condition or have a gluten intolerance keep in mind that totally.”

Servicing men and women Within & not in the GF Community

Besides being centered on the gluten-free singles group, GlutenFreeSingles has the benefit of numerous strategies to better serve the GF demographic as a whole.

GlutenFreeSingles’ extensive sources web page recommends the greatest web pages and businesses for relevant info, tips, groups, and a lot more, while the goods page consists of affordable stuff like caps and tees featuring GlutenFreeSingles’ very own brand, “GF is actually a way of life.”

When it comes to information and obtaining understand other gluten-free men and women, you’ll want to look to your blog and message board.

Content articles are published frequently with a great deal of helpful advice about dating and everyday living, eg “how to become Amazing, Incredible, and Unflappable When You satisfy His/Her Family,” and development about superstars and events, instance “Guess Which well-known jock loans reducing Gluten With Elevating His Game?” For feedback from every day wheat-watchers like yourself, generate a post (dating-related or perhaps not) during the forum, or reply to various other customers and gives up your own information.

“we provide our very own people a resource for just about everything gluten-free, whether which is goods, publications, or any other form of info they could require,” Sheri mentioned.

It’s easy to note that GlutenFreeSingles isn’t only a company to Sheri and Marcella — it is more about getting there when it comes down to gluten-sensitive audience and dispersing the term in what it surely way to be gluten-free.

“we understand how difficult it could be around when you have Celiac condition or a gluten attitude, so we wish distribute your message that assist other people,” she stated.

a qualified User Base improves your odds of Locating a Match

Since their 2013 launch, GlutenFreeSingles has had more than 20,000 men and women join, with up to 200 new sign-ups a day. Your website in addition has become a well-known title when you look at the U.S. and Canada, being presented in over two dozen national news channels.

And GlutenFreeSingles is growing, as they lately extended to your U.K., the spot where the GF market is anticipated to develop from $395 million to $931 million by 2017, relating to GlutenFree.com.

“All of our brand is around the globe, therefore have users from every where,” Sheri said.

“once we took chances on GlutenFreeSingles, we’d not a clue love could extend 2,300 miles. Now we are with each other and dealing on cheerfully previously after.” — Dale & Pia

Having these a specific niche and market, GlutenFreeSingles improves your odds of discovering that special gluten-free some one, which has already happened for many existing and past customers, should it be relationship, a date, a commitment, or a marriage.

“for this reason it really is a distinct segment, since your chances of locating love are much greater,” she said. “we are trying to get this society together and present they a reference also discover really love, so it’s exciting.”

And Sheri, Marcella, while the staff are thorough about security and safety, overseeing the site each day so members can rest assured that the individual they may be conversing with is whom people say they’ve been.

“in terms of the market internet dating sites, increasing numbers of people are turning to all of them because there’s much less threat,” Sheri stated.

Final Thoughts

GlutenFreeSingles suits extreme market, one which’s expanding every single day, and it also really does a fantastic job of supplying these like-minded and like-appetited individuals a certain location to satisfy each other.

With a set of caring and inventive founders behind the wheel and an enormous quantity of info to talk about, GlutenFreeSingles will probably continue accumulating the GF area and expanding the data worldwide.

For 2016, GlutenFreeSingles.com founded the basic advertising program provide gluten-free brand names the ability to promote their particular products/services to its gluten-free neighborhood. Stay up to date with everything GlutenFreeSingles through all of them Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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